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Legal translation

Legal translation

Legal documents are supposed to provide us with security, peace, and protection, therefore,quality legal translation is of critical importance in almost all spheres of our lives.

You need an expert translation when you are working with legal documents. The translation of legal documents must meet requirements as to the specific terminology, accuracy, relevance, confidentiality, as well as timely delivery. Formats of legal documents may vary widely across nations and local jurisdictions. Therefore, you need legal translations services that will be performed by specialized professionals with knowledge of the legal terminology and concepts. The translators at Baku Translation have great experience in translating all kinds of legal documents and are familiar with their format, structure, and terminology and the requirements for their preparation, presentation, and submission to various jurisdictions. Legal documents should always be translated with a high level of accuracy, which is necessary to avoid distortion and misinterpretation of the meaning.

  • Translation of contracts and agreements
  • Translation of laws and regulations
  • Translation of constituent documents
  • Translation of powers of attorney
  • Translation of court documents and evidence, etc.

In addition to standard translations, we also offer notarized translation services. If your company needs notarization of an official translation of a company document, a certificate, a balance sheet, or a contract, we can assist you with the notarization of the translation. Requirements can vary widely depending on the type of document, the purpose of use and the target country, so, if you need an expert legal translation partner and you need to have your legal documents translated in a fast, accurate and quality manner, feel free to get in touch and discuss the details with us.

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