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Medical and Pharmaceutical translation

Medical and Pharmaceutical translation

Baku Translation works with many healthcare institutions and professionals, as well as pharmaceutical companies in the area of medical and pharmaceutical translations. Medical translation is not an ordinary translation, it falls within the category of scientific or technical translations. Medical translation requires precision and accuracy.

At Baku Translation, medical translators perform terminology research to check equivalents in the target language. Our medical translators meet all the requirements to ensure the most accurate translation possible. The quality of a source document also is of great importance, as it affects the quality of the translation.

Pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, manufacturers of medical and surgical devices, healthcare managers are always seeking consistently clear, accurate translations for their most sensitive documents and high-value information. At Baku Translation, we have professional translators who are highly experienced, and experts in medical and pharmaceutical terms and concepts.

Examples of medical and pharmaceutical texts include:

  • Translation of medical training documents
  • Translation of drug use leaflets
  • Translation of medical manuals
  • Translation of clinical trials and study documents
  • Translation of clinical reports
  • Translation of medical tests results
  • Translation of medical histories
  • Translation of medical websites
  • Translation of medical brochures
  • Translation of user guides
  • Translation of product presentations
  • Translation of clinical trials
  • Translation of prospectus
  • Translation of medical certificates
  • Translation of medical reports
  • Translation of articles for medical journals
  • Translation of prescriptions
  • Translation of medical books
  • Translation of medicine packaging and information materials
  • Translation of medical publications
  • Translation of scientific articles
  • Translation of results of clinical research
  • Translation of reports of pharmaceutical tests

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