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Technical Translation

Technical Translation

Documents for technical translation consist of information that describes features, functions, architecture, design, materials, and other details of a product. Therefore, the translation of technical documents is a lot more than just translation, and requires more than just knowledge of words, grammar, and language rules. Technical translation involves specific documents, usually produced by professionals with a high level of expertise in their fields. Thus, when translating technical texts, not only the translator’s expert language skills, but also good knowledge of the subject matter and terminology is important to make the translation clearly understood by technicians, professionals, end-users, consumers and more. Sometimes, technical documents consist of technical drawings including architectural and engineering drawings, circuit diagrams, P&IDs, HVAC diagrams, and equipment location plans, which also need formatting. For formatting purposes, we also have a team of layout designers who will ensure the final delivery is in any format you wish. Our layout designers use various software programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe InDesign, and AutoCAD

With Baku Translation, you can be sure that your document is in the right hands. Our translators will ensure a high quality of translation and adapt your product information into the target language to help you succeed at the global level.

Examples of technical texts include:

  • Translation of Instructions
  • Translation of Standard Operating Manuals
  • Translation of Scientific Papers
  • Translation of Installation, Operator, Maintenance, and User Manuals
  • Translation of Patents and Patent Applications
  • Translation of Technical Drawings
  • Translation of Engineering Specifications & Textbooks
  • Translation of Safety Data Sheets
  • Translation of Manuals
  • Translation of User Guides
  • Translation of Electronic Manuals and Guides

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